Saturday, January 19, 2013

Artist: Monolith Of Shit
Album: Shivering Sands
Genre: Harsh noise/harsh noise wall
Year: 2012
Bitrate: 320
Country: (i can't find out where they're from)
Total length: 21:00
(i can't find anything)

Track List:
1. Shivering Sands

For fans of: FEMALE HARAKIRI, Dead Body Collection, Wall Convulsion

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Funeral Sounds records

I haven't been on here for a while. So have two releases as a gift for the holidays. You should also be a real bru and buy these physically from the awesome scramo label Funeral Sounds, as they are cool d00dz

Artist: I Would Run That Stoplight For You
Album: Lameography
Genre: Modern screamo
Year: 2012
Bitrate: 320
Country: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Total length: 27:51

Track List:
1. It's A Bro Life
2. She's Not On Clearance To Me!
3. Oatmeal Everywhere! (quails! quails!)
4. I Am The Cookie Monster And You Are The Cookies
5. Dream Of Inevitability
6. Headaches
7. Clouds
8. Algernons Still A Fatass
9. Velveteen Rabbits
10. Bicycle Tires

Download IWRTSLFY - Lameography

Artist: Shark Bait
Album: Phantom Feelings
Genre: Modern screamo
Year: 2012
Bitrate: 128
Country: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Total length: 14:12

Track List:
1. Crippled Youth
2. My Dead Body
3. Hiding Place
4. So Long
5. Brother

Download Shark Bait - Phantom Feelings

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Album: みんなありがとう。 神様ありがとう。 明日は元気が出そう。
Genre: Harsh noise/harsh noise wall
Year: 2010
Bitrate: 128
Country: Japan
Total length: 37:21

Track List:

For fans of: Monolith Of Shit, Dead Body Collection


Friday, November 9, 2012

Artist: Git Some
Album: Cosmic Rock
Genre: Punk/post-hardcore/noise rock
Year: 2008
Bitrate: 192
Country: Denver, Colorado, USA
Total length: 28:25

Track List:
1. Glowing Shadows
2. Trixy Loves Misty
3. Nice Suit
4. Wish Cigarette
5. Chainsaw Clothesline
6. That's Just Eczema
7. Fabric Eyes
8. Impending Zombie Apocalypse
9. Fall From Grace
10. Buckle Up!
11. Time Bomb

For fans of: Ceremony (Rohnert Park and Zoo), Planes Mistaken For Stars, Burning Love


Artist: PlasticBag FaceMask
Album: Zombie
Genre: Mathcore/deathcore
Year: 2011
Bitrate: 320
Country: Oakhurst, California, USA
Total length: 27:00

Track List:
1. Stop, Ur Making Me Mad
2. Life's A Beach When You Don't Have Any Pokeballs
3. I'm Gonna Buy An Octopus
4. Leslie, That Meat Company Has Gone Too Far This Time
5. Chelsea's Grim
6. Second Drum Lessons
7. Patrick, You Are So Depressing

For fans of: The Irish Front, See You Next Tuesday, War From A Harlots Mouth


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Artist: Readymade
Album: On Point And Red
Genre: Shoegaze/dream pop/post-rock/ambient
Year: 2001
Bitrate: 256
Country: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Total length: 46:54
Track List:
1. A Peacetime Boom That Never Ends
2. Lightstrands
3. Cold Lamping
4. Sam
5. A Blind Tomorrow
6. No Longer Ortona
7. Terminal Sounds At Night
8. The New People
9. Adrift Ambition
10. The Block Alone
11. (Unlisted Track)

For fans of: Televise, Air Formation, Bethany Curve, Alcian Blue, Stella Luna

This album is literally too good not to share. If you haven't noticed already, this blog will expand to other things. Including harsh noise, grindcore, shoegaze, etc.


Artist: Galaga: The Movie
Album: Music From A Motion Picture Soundtrack - EP
Genre: Mathcore/experimental/screamo/thrash/grindcore
Year: 2010
Bitrate: 320
Country: Solano County, California, USA
Total length: 12:22

Track List:
1. Hibernaculum
2. Journey By Earthlight
3. Moons
4. Radioactive Piss
5. Treehorns Never Play With Longnecks

For fans of: The Locust (on crack), Gaza (on crack), Architect (on crack), Lye By Mistake (on crack), Psyopus (on crack), Plague Bringer (on crack)

The DMFS hiatus is over now. Every link should be fine now. Also, fuck that one porn site that took down a link of something that wasn't there. I forgot what he was called, but fuck them lol 


Friday, October 26, 2012

Artist: Waves Crashing Piano Chords/Swallowing Bile
Album: Waves Crashing Piano Chords/Swallowing Bile - Split
Genre: Harsh noise/power electronics
Year: 2012
Bitrate: 1411 (WAV)
Country: Rochester, New York, USA
Total length: 3:39
FACEBOOK (Waves Crashing Piano Chords)
BANDCAMP (Swallowing Bile)

Track List:
Waves Crashing Piano Chords:
1. Something I'd Like To Do

Swallowing Bile
1. Ouroborus

For fans of: Deceiver, (<o>), Orange Annihilator, Foot And Mouth Disease



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